We Love Umbraco.  Here's why.

More than just a CMS

Umbraco - the Friendly CMSUmbraco is an incredibly powerful CMS that's simple in it's user interface yet powerful in it's capabilities.  With limitless extensibility and integration opportunities around a platform that's built for customisation and extension, Umbraco really shines as a first class Content Management System that forms the basis of great e-commerce systems, community hubs and powerful marketing tools.

Mature & Trusted

Umbraco is used by sites such as the official ASP.Net site, WindowsAzure.com, Heinz, John Holland Group, The Royal Melbourne Show, Davis Cup and the Redbull Stratos project.  With more than 10 years under it's belt, it's safe to say that Umbraco is trusted today to run some pretty large and high-demand applications.  And with load-balancing functionality out of the box that just works means it's easy to scale and deploy to new servers when you are.

Open Source, with support and warranty

Umbraco is an Open Source project, but is backed not only by a dynamic company offering support and warranty, but also a network of partners worldwide, of which we are proud to be a part.  The Umbraco community has built a rich library of freely available packages extending the core functionality of Umbraco in many ways - adding on functionality like forums, blogs, newsletter management or e-commerce solutions; providing customised editing controls and user interfaces or just providing tools to assist in managing site members, media, content or editors.

Umbraco's Project Library provides a huge array of functionality extensions right at your fingertips


Your Umbraco Partner

Umbraco Certified PartnerWe've been using Umbraco almost exclusively for all web applications and websites since 2009; and we clearly see the benefits in terms of rapid application development and flexibility.  Australia is a growth opportunity for Umbraco, so here at Key2 Consulting we're passionate about giving back to the community and furthering the take up of Umbraco right here.

Whether it be running the Melbourne and Sydney Umbraco Meetups, or providing advice and support on Our.Umbraco; we're doing everything we can to further the take up of Umbraco in Australia.  In addition, we have a commitment to equip our team with the training and tools necessary to produce outstanding websites on Umbraco, with all our developers attaining certification and all our staff have access to Umbraco TV.

We are known for customisation and problem solving.  Agencies use us to come up with ways to customise the back-office or integrate third party systems from payment gateways to document management.  Clients come to us not only to create solutions to suit their requirements, but also for support and maintenance on existing sites as well.  As your partner you can be sure we will bring all our experience and expertise to your project.

Want to know more?

Why don't you drop us a line or send us a contact request.  We're always happy to talk about Umbraco and what it and we can do for you.