Rod's Bakery

Project Case Study

About the Project

It sounds straight forward but there's more to creating a website than just getting it to look nice. A website after all is a piece of communication, designed to drive traffic to the business and ideally, assist in its profitability.

So, what's on offer? If I was someone that had never been there - why would I want to go there?

After speaking to Rod, his wife Rachel and the staff - what was evident is that they care about what goes in to the products, the standard of the products themselves and the standard of the service they provide to their customers.

Adding considerable credibility to it all is Rod's extensive experience working in and managing bakery operations of all shapes and size.

How does the website echo the story?

The website layout is relatively simple but it's effective in that in that it's easy to find the information you're after (which should really be a driver for all websites). This is very much how the bakery itself works. It's easy to find what you're after in the bakery.

The quality of the products is high - therefore the content and functionality needed to reflect this. The images, shot by Dean Cambray - a professional food photographer - do justice to the standard of the bread, pies, cakes and pastries Rod and his team make fresh every day.

The visitor to the site isn't penalised in using one device over another - it works across all device types. Not content to stand still, Rod has ideas for expanding his operations and so the site is build on the Umbraco CMS with an array of as yet, inactive components that can easily be turned on to provide additional functionality and support the growth of his business as he moves to online ordering, e-commerce and information on potentially multiple locations.

All-in-all, both the business and the website are consistent with one another. The website in this sense is an authentic, accurate reflection of the business itself.